First of all, thank you for using SimpanKira cloud accounting software. If you follow these steps to the dot, we assure you it won't take too much of your time to get it up and kick off immediately.

You can also ask your Accountant to help set up the software for your business. We suggest you contact our certified SimpanKira Coach to have it done correctly.

  1. Update your Organization information.
  2. Update your Chart of Account. Add new Account or Bank account here.
  3. Add your relevant Tax Rate
  4. Add your Product information
  5. Create your Task and its Billable rate
  6. Get your Customers and Suppliers info at Contacts.
  7. Finally, start inviting your colleagues as Users at SimpanKira

Create Bank Account for the first time

We suggest you delete the Dummy Data in the bank section. Add bank account without putting the opening balance will cause the Paid Up Capital account equals to zero. You could manually add the opening balance for the bank through Opening Balance in Setting.

But since you start fresh on your accounting, you can just enter opening balance while creating new Bank Account and its transaction date. This will automatically assign to the Paid Up capital. It shows that you are just starting your business.

Chart of Account

SimpanKira automatically creates Chart of Account for your business. You can decide to add or delete account at Chart of Account page.


You can either add new items from the Item page or from the create Invoice page or from the Bank transaction page. Should you want to track the item for inventory, then you need to indicate that in the create Item page itself.