We suggest you have the discussion with your accountant first before migrating the accounting data from previous accounting software to our SimpanKira cloud accounting software.

Information that you need to have prior to migration

  1. Latest trial balance of the current financial year.
  2. Trial Balance from all the previous financial years. If you have been running the company for 4 years, you then should have 4 trial balance statements.
  3. Outstanding Sales Invoices in this financial year.
  4. Outstanding Purchase Invoices in this financial year.
  5. Company & Contact latest information.
  6. Product Information

Create Opening Balance

Go to Setting > Opening Balance

  1. Set Conversion Date
  2. Set Opening Balance at Conversion Balance Table by entering the account balance in your latest trial balance from your old accounting software/record set at Conversion Date.
  3. Re-create Sales Invoice if you have outstanding Sales Invoice.
  4. Re-create Purchase Invoice if you have outstanding Purchase Invoice
  5. Click Save. If you think you have made mistake at entering the figures at Conversion Balance table, you can always click Delete.