We make our Sales Invoice easy to use. Follow these steps and you will produce your Sales Invoice in no time.

  1. Go to Accounting > Sales Invoice> New Sales Invoice. Alternatively, go to the header 'Create a New'. Click to view the dropdown list. Click Sales Invoice.
  2. Start typing the customer name that you plan to invoice in New Customer Invoice page.
  3. Enter the appropriate date for the invoice and its due date.
  4. DO NOT ENTER ANY NUMBER IN INVOICE NUMBER FIELD. This is auto generated field. 
  5. Enter any text in Reference field as to make it easier to search through Search function.
  6. Enter title of your invoice. The title field can contain a maximum of 500 characters.
  7. Enter any remaining invoice details. In the Item field, if you select any inventory item, SimpanKira will automatically populate Description, Account and Tax Rate fields for you. Or, you can manually choose the relevant Accounts and the relevant Tax Rate and type the relevant info into Description field. 
  8. Create appropriate Terms & Condition
  9. Click Save or Approve button. In Save button, there are 2 options; 'Save as Draft' and 'Save & Submit for Approval'. For the Approve button, there are also 2 options; 'Approve' and 'Approve & Add Another'. Choose according to your need.