For every payment you receive either for your Sales Invoice or cash transaction, a receipt must be issued to acknowledge the payment to the payee.

In SimpanKira, we have two ways to create the Receipt - Automatically create the receipt after adding the payment to the Sales Invoice or Adding Receipt to the transactions from Receipt page.

Option A : Automatically Create Receipt in Sales Invoice

  1. When you record the payment into the Sales Invoice, you will be presented with the Create Receipt modal. You can continue filling in the fields or you can just close the Create Receipt modal and add it later.
  2. Once you have filled the fields appropriately, then click Generate Receipt button. It will close the modal and bring you back to the Sales Invoice page.
  3. Should you want to view list of Receipt created for that payment in that Sales Invoice, you can find it under Total. Click View Receipt to visually look at the receipt.

Option B : Adding Receipt from Receipt page

You can also add receipt from the Receipt page.

Follow these steps;

1) Go to Accounting > Sales Invoice page

2) You need to find Receipt button and click it. It will bring you to the Receipt page.

3) Click New Receipt button to create new Receipt.

4) A pop up modal will appear. You need to select the Invoice and its Payment that you want to generate receipt.

5) Enter relevant information at Reference.

6) Finally, click Generate Receipt.