1. Choose the bank account
  2. Click Spend Money
  3. Enter the following details
    • Supplier Name - start tying in the field and it will automatically search the contact in the database. If the contact is not available, it will prompt you to add the contact by clicking at the name.
    • Date - by default it will have the today's date. You can always change it to another date.
    • Payment Method - it has 4 options;  EFT, Cheque, Cash and Credit Card
    • Reference - anything to remind you about this transaction
    • Items - you can either Add New Item here or select from the Items you added previously
    • Description - description of the item you are paying for
    • Quantity - quantity of the items you are paying for
    • Discount - discount is in percentage
    • Price / Unit - price per unit of the item you purchase
    • Account - select account appropriate for the purchase
    • Tax Rate - select tax rate appropriate for the purchase (if any)
  4. Add New Line - only if you need to
  5. Click Save or Save and Add Another