Follow these simple steps

  1. Go to Accounting > Quote
  2. Click New Quote
  3. You will see the following fields
    • Customer - start typing the name of the customer. If the customer exists, his name will appear in the dropdown list. Or else, you can continue typing his name and click Add Customer.
    • Attention (optional)
    • Date - enter the Quote date
    • Expiry - if you have set it up at Invoice Customization, it will automatically add up based on the setup. Or else you can manually set the expiry date.
    • Reference - put any remark to make it easy for you to search later
    • Quote Title - put relevant Quote title. You can enter a title up to 500 characters long.
    • Amounts are - you set the Quote to include tax or not
    • Item - select the pre-created Item, or you can add new Item
    • Description - describe the item in detail
    • Quantity - quantity of the item
    • Discount % (optional) - if relevant
    • Price / Unit - set the price unit
    • Tax Rate - select relevant tax rate for the item
    • Terms & Conditions - enter your standard terms & conditions for Quote.
  4. Click Save or Approve

Options at Quote

1) Amount are for tax. Options here are;

  • Tax Exclusive
  • Tax Inclusive
  • No Tax (default selection)

2) Add Item at Item column. Follow this link to learn more.

3) Add Account at Account column. Follow this link to learn more.

4) Save button options;

  • Save as Draft
  • Save & Submit for Approval

5) Approve button option;

  • Approve
  • Approve & Add Another