Follow these simple steps to record your purchase invoice

  1. Follow Quick Function - Create a New > New Purchase Invoice. Or go to Accounting > Purchase Invoice > New Purchase Invoice
  2. You will see these fields;
    • From - this will be the field you select your Supplier. If the Supplier is not available from the dropdown list, you can start type his name and add it from the dropdown list.
    • Date - copy the date from Purchase Invoice into this field.
    • Due Date - copy the due date from Purchase Invoice into this field.
    • Amounts are - see if the Purchase Invoice include tax or without tax.
    • Item (optional) - select the Item that you have setup in Inventory. Or create new Item based on the Purchase Invoice if this is a regular item you purchase from supplier. 
    • Description - describe the items you purchased from supplier.
    • Qty - enter the quantity
    • Disc % - enter the discount value. It is in percentage  format.
    • Price / Unit - enter the price per unit as described in Purchase Invoice.
    • Account - choose relevant account to record this Purchase Invoice. Typically it will be from Expense accounts.
    • Tax Rate - select relevant tax rate. Set tax rate Not Applicable if there is no tax rate included in the Purchase Invoice.
  3. Click either Save or Approve