1. Follow Accounting > Purchase Invoice > See All > Awaiting Payment (tab)
  2. Find the Purchase Invoice you want to records its payment in Purchase Invoice
  3. Once the Purchase Invoice page appears, scroll down to see Make a Payment section.
  4. Enter values at the appropriate fields;
    • Payment Method - Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Cash, Cheque, Credit Card
    • Amount Paid - value of the payment
    • Date Paid - date for the payment transaction
    • Paid from - select from which bank account you want to make payment from
    • Reference - best to enter the reference number to your payment method.
  5. Click Add Payment.
  6. OPTIONAL : You can create Payment Voucher subsequently by clicking at Generate Payment Voucher button. Or just cancel it by clicking X at the pop up modal.

You can record multiple payments for each Purchase Invoice. The Make a Payment section will be hidden once the TOTAL value is zero.