If you are running a project for your company, you would certainly want to track what's going on in the Project. You can be running a consultancy firm, legal firm, or construction company but you can use this module to help you track the financial aspect of your projects.

Pre-requisite to use this Project module

Update the Capacity, the Billable rate and the Cost rate at User setting for each user that you want to include in Project module.

This Project module helps you to do the following;

  1. Help tracking the incomes related to project.
  2. Help tracking the expenses related to project.
  3. Hep tracking with the project budget.
  4. Help to monitor the profitability of the project.
  5. Monitor the workload of your team members.

Few important components in this Project module.

  • Project Detail
  • Project Type
  • Project Task
  • Project Team Member
  • Project Timesheet
  • Report for Project