Available only to HR & Payroll module subscriber

Type of Leave available on SimpanKira

  1. Annual Leave
  2. Maternity
  3. Medical
  4. Hospitalisation
  5. Optional - Compassionate, Marriage

Policies available

  1. Earned throughout the year (renew at the beginning of the year)
  2. Earned throughout the year (renew on employee joining date)
  3. Earned all at once (renew at the beginning of the year)
  4. Earned all at once (renew on employee joining date)


You cannot change the Leave policy once you set it up for that year. It can only be changed once the period has ended or if no one has made any leave application yet.

Administrator or HR Executive can set the following rules:

  1. The eligibility to carry forward unused annual leave
  2. The max annual leaves to carry forward
  3. The carry forward leave expiry date
  4. Minimum number of days for leave application