1. Go to Accounting > Purchase Order > New Purchase Order
  2. Enter the Supplier contact information
  3. Enter the Person information at Attention field (optional)
  4. Fill in the rest of the information
    • Date - by default it shows the present date. You can change to any date you want.
    • Delivery Date - when the items should be delivered to you.
    • Reference - for your note
    • Item - select the item or add new item
    • Description - description of the item you request to purchase
    • Quantity - quantity of the item
    • Discount - discount for the item in percentage
    • Price / Unit - price per unit quoted by the supplier
    • Tax Rate - tax rate quoted by the supplier
  5. Add New Line if you need to
  6. Enter the information where the items should be delivered to
    • Address - where should the item be delivered to
    • Attention - the person who should be receiving the item
    • Telephone - the person in charge phone number
    • Delivery Instruction - relevant instruction for the delivery
  7. Click Save or Approve depending on your user role