WARNING - We suggest you let your accountant to perform this because it requires an expertise knowledge in accounting.

Find & Recode works for all areas in SimpanKira except for Payments to and from Invoices and Refund.

To do Find & Recode, you need to follow these steps;

1) Go to Advisor > Find & Recode.

2) You can search the affected accounting transactions by selecting appropriate search parameters. Best is to find through transaction Date parameter and Type parameter.

3) You will see the search result. You can select the affected item line.

4) Then click Recode button. A pop up modal will appear.

5) You can change the Contact by assigning it to other Contact. You can also change the Account Code to the correct one.

6) Click Recode button at the modal once you are done. SK back end will reverse the accounting transaction and assign it to the right Contact or Account Code.