Once you see activated the plugin, you follow these steps to ensure the data sync correctly.

API Credentials

You need to get your API Credential from your SimpanKira account.

  1. Go to Organisation Setting in SimpanKira. Scroll down to see the API section.
  2. Click Generate Token to get the Authorisation Token.
  3. Click Generate Token to get the x-organisation-token.
  4. Copy these tokens and enter them in their respective fields in SimpanKira plugin setting page.
  5. Click Save.

Account Settings

This is where you setup the appropriate ledgers in SimpanKira to receive sales data from your WooCommerce store. At each account type, you just need to select the corresponding account from the dropdown list.

  1. Bank Account
  2. Sales account
  3. Sales return and allowance account
  4. Sales tax account
  5. Refund tax account


We recommend you not to touch anything on this page. Leave it as per default.


This is where SimpanKira holds the data synchronisation activities. Visit the links appear in this page to view the logs.