CAUTION : Make sure you export or download your financial reports before you choose to unsubscribe from SimpanKira. We are not responsible on any data loss due to this action.

  1. Click on your profile.
  2. See Cancel Your Subscription in the dropdown list.
  3. Click Cancel Subscription to cancel your subscription to SimpanKira. Subsequently, your access to SimpanKira will be limited to view only. You cannot create any transaction on SimpanKira until you renew your subscription.

What happen to my data after I unsubscribe?

Your data will be scrubbed (in another word, DELETE) from our server within 30 days after the unsubscribe date. You should download or export your financial statements before your choose to unsubscribe. We are not responsible on any data loss due to your act of unsubscribing from SimpanKira Cloud Accounting.

Can I still access to my SimpanKira account after I unsubscribe?

If you have not passed the end date for the subscription, you should be able to access your account. Otherwise, all access to SimpanKira will be revoked.