We do provide the function of uploading bank statement to our Reconciliation page. 

Notice the red box in the image above? Click that button to upload the CSV template document. It will display the modal like the image below.

Download the template file by clicking at the word 'here' indicated above the red line in the image above. Read the instruction carefully at this modal about how to enter the information in the CSV template file.

Once you complete fill up the template file, you can upload it back using the aforementioned modal.

Bank Statement Template

You need to copy and paste from your downloaded bank statement from your own bank into our bank statement template. Do not delete the header as we highlighted in the red box in the image above.

Date column                 : Type the date using the format DD/MM/YYYY.

Description column      : Just copy and paste from your bank statement

Amount column            : Enter positive value if it is a deposit. Enter negative value if it is a withdrawal. This applies to money transferred as well.

Lastly save the file as CSV. Now you are ready to upload it to SimpanKira.

CAUTION : If you do not follow the instruction to the letter, you will encounter with error page.

Auto Matching Transaction

SimpanKira will detect and auto match the transaction using the data compared from your uploaded template file with your accounting book in SimpanKira. 

If the transaction matches, you click Match & Clear.

Missing Transaction from the Accounting

Should there is any missing data, or unmatched data, you can create new transaction using New Spend Money, New Receive Money button or New Transfer Money button next to the transaction.

Pending Transaction

Normally the pending transaction only happens if you have pending transactions from the cheque you write for your suppliers. It wont appear in your bank account statement despite you have recorded it in your accounting book. Hence you just leave it as Pending Transaction until it appears in the following month of your bank statement.

Once all transactions are in order and match with your bank statement, you can click button Reconcile. Make sure the adjustment is always be at zero because it shows there is no difference than your accounting book and your bank account statement.