Our payroll is designed to meet the traditional requirement of the payroll matter. It serves for traditional office based payroll that requires staffs to attend to the office on normal basis and without shifts. However, our payroll can also manage on daily wages basis. However, the salary for the Employee must be set to zero and the Pay Item must have its daily wage rate set.

Our payroll accounting is following the accrual accounting method. It employs the Salary expense account and the Salary payable account to ensure the correct reporting on your Profit and Loss report.

The payroll module interacts closely with the leave module in Human Resource. The payroll is automatically computed based on the full attendance of the staffs. If the staff had applied the unpaid leave via Leave module, and the leave was approved, hence the payroll calculation will be reflected once users click the Run Payroll button.

If the salary is set to zero at that Employee information, all the statutory deduction figure will be zero as well. Unless you apply the Pay Item of Daily Wages, then you can also subject it to the total days of the staff attendance. This figure will also be subjected to the statutory deduction calculation when you run Pay Run.