Multicurrency function is ONLY available in Standard package of SimpanKira Cloud Accounting Software.

How to put the exchange rate at Receive a Payment section?

  1. Notice how the currency is denoted in the Sales Invoice. Look at the Sales Invoice below. It is recorded as US dollar invoice. It shows the currency exchange rate against the base currency is RM1 = $0.21505.
  2. Notice what is the base currency of your organisation. Kindly check at Organisation Setting under your Profile section.
  3. At the Exchange Rate in Receive a Payment section at your Sales Invoice, you need to enter the exchange rate as per base currency. For example, if your Sales Invoice is in USD 100 and your base currency is in MYR, therefore your Exchange Rate value must be 1 MYR = 0.XXXXX USD, not the other way around which is $1 = X.XXXXX MYR.
  4. The exchange rate normally you will obtain from the bank statement. If it is not set in the format we mentioned in (3), then you will need to compute it manually and enter it accordingly in its field.
  5. Then click Add Payment to conclude the transaction.