If you are migrating from previous accounting software, or if you have an existing accounting record, you may need to bring the accounting data to SimpanKira.

To do this, you need to set the Conversion Date. Essentially, you are telling SimpanKira when do you want to start using SimpanKira cloud accounting.

Follow these steps to set the Conversion Date;

  1. Go to Opening Balance / Conversion Date
  2. Choose Month and Year of when you want to start using SimpanKira.
  3. Click Save.

By doing this, SimpanKira will ask you to enter the latest account balance at Opening Balance table.

Tips when changing your conversion date to a later date

  • Void any invoices that were paid before the new conversion date, but retain any that were still unpaid at the new date.
  • Delete any bank statement that have been imported, and are dated earlier than the new date.